winter run #2

I slept through my 6:30 run time this morning. The weather report said it would by 26 degrees, and I was slightly depressed anyway, so I needed the sleep. But when I awoke, the temperature was 33, and I regretted believing the weatherman. The morning was free, so after a few hours of work, I slipped out for a haircut, and then home to run. It as about 34 degrees. I wore my super hero tights, but forgot to put on my shorts. Upper body: cotton T-shirt, thermal long sleeve pullover, grey cotton long sleeve pullover, gloves, and cap. I wasn’t too hot, nor too cold. Once or twice the sun came out and I could feel the heat on my legs. That doesn’t happen when I run before sunrise. Pace 8:11, distance: only 1.4 miles. It was only my second run of the year, I’m hoping to get the habit going regardless of temperature.