mild ice storm

This morning the streets were covered with a thin layer of ice. We walked out to go to Aixois, and I ended up ice skating down the driveway in my boots. No drive to the cafe today – even though it’s only a mile away. Instead I decided to see what it would be like to walk. It was treacherous. I headed out to the Roasterie, which has the saving grace that at least it’s near a market, so I could pick up some food for what looks to be a shut in weekend.
Two blocks away from the house I slipped and fell. No problem, I thought, only 6 blocks to go. I was convinved that it must be possible to walk on a slippery surface for a mile with the right combination of patience and attention. I managed to make it there and back without falling again – but it wasn’t easy, and I had a few close calls. People were driving like idiots given how slick the roads are.
The cafe was nice, warm, and relaxing. Well worth the trek. At the market I picked up supplies for an afternoon breakfast, and some smoked ribs for dinner.