Tuesday in meetings all day

Eating light and drinking an espresso must be the key to good writing. I came home really tired from work, but when I went back after dinner I had the clearest writing session in weeks.
Today at lunch there was a goose on the patio outside the cafeteria at work with a little flock of 4 green goslings under her wing. The mother perked up her attention whenever anyone came near to the glass.
Web stat snippets: Two weeks ago my google gadget had 87 hits in one day. Today it had over 5000. Some guy who takes content from one of my pages and makes his own google gadget out of it is causing my site to get 100,000 hits/day from google servers.
My original homepage has a counter that stopped working at 87,000 hits last August because I upgraded my server, but didn’t recompile it, so it’s been broken like a lot of thigns on my site. It took 10 seconds to recompile and replace the old binary.
I learned enough css create a new decent looking homepage for myself and have decided to slowly start revamping my network of websites to be consisten and functional. I’m happy to finally understand the difference between html and layout – hopefully I can make use of it.