Yesterday I went on a short ride on the Triumph twice around slope park. It’s just a few minutes from my house, and has a little bit of the feel of riding through manicured wilderness with trees overhanging the road in some places, and inviting round cement tables surrounded by grass, trees, and shade. It seems like a short ride, but I was actually gone almost an hour. According to my GPS it was 35 miles, took 50 minutes, with an average speed of 43 mph.
Today I tried revamping the Lake Jacomo ride, which also goes through swope park. I had hoped to extend in by riding around the lake, as the rode was closed last year. But there were thunderstorms coming, and muntes after I hit the road, rain started coming down. I headed back and the really hard rain hit just as I was getting home and putting the bike into the garage.

Eureka Springs Motorcycling

Rode 220 miles down to Arkansas early on Sunday morning with two BMW riders. Ended up in a quaint place called Eureka Springs – a motorcycle destination I had never heard of before. It’s an old town among the twisty Ozark mountains. There’s a riders guide with several day rides originating from there. It’s a great place for motorcycles. Many of the hotels cater to motorcyclists. The roads are in good condition, with curvy ups and downs that go through woods and fields for miles and miles. Went on 4 days of rides through two lane roads, some with canopies of trees for miles at a time. Stopped at Beaver lake at sunset for a swim in warm water. My only regret is not stoppoing to take more pictures. It’s hard when riding in unfmailiar territory with other riders to simply stop and hope they wait at the next unknown turn for you to catch up. Somewhere coming down into a valley near highway 7 we came upon an abondoned house and barn nestled at the base of a valley surrounded by fields and mountains, with a role of hay stuck on the second floor of the barn. It was such a beautiful picture – but I missed it. I almost want to drive back, 4 hours each way just to find that place and take the picture.