Winter Run #3

Unlike yesterday, this morning it actually was 26 F. Super Hero Tights (Baleaf Men’s Thermal Cycling), shorts, Cotton T-shirt, Merino Dri-release thermal top baselayer, heavy black sweatshirt, gloves, hat. I wasn’t too cold, and wasn’t too hot. I ran 1.7 miles, and took my hat off 1 block from the house.
For dinner, I made a stir fry but decided to try something new. I vowed not to buy a stir fry sauce. The fridge is always full of bottles of old sauce that I’m not sure if I can use or not, as they’ve been sitting there for ages. Any chef worth their salt could probably whip up a little sauce fresh that would rival anything that can be bought in a mystery bottle. Of course, I don’t really know what goes into a stir fry sauce, and as I was walking the isles of the market, my resolve almost crumbled as I was running a little behind. For just a few dollars I could solve my problem, but leave a relic in the fridge that would pester me. I don’t usually cook with chicken but I bought I chicken tenders and some fresh Chinese noodles. At home I cleaned up the left overs of the produce box. The 3 chicken tenders weighed in at about 1/2 pound. I sliced and fried them in oil with a little salt, and just towards the end I sprinkled on some Chinese five spice and removed the from the pan.
1/2 pound chicken
1/2 onion
3 little carrots
4 medium stalks of celery
4 mushrooms
red bell pepper
5 large flourettes of broccoli cut into smaller quarters (just over 1 cup)
some fresh ginger
1 spoon of black bean/garlic sauce
soy sauce
2 tsp corn starch/2 tsp water
For desert I made strawberry crepes with whipped cream.
1 cup heavy cream
3 Tbl white sugar
1 tsp vanilla
whisk by hand for 2-3 minutes until it gets thick and stiffens up.
1/4 strawberries, mix with some sugar
place them on a crepe, add some whipped cream and role up.
top with a nice dollop of whipped cream
garnished each with 3 slices of an Anjoue pear

winter run #2

I slept through my 6:30 run time this morning. The weather report said it would by 26 degrees, and I was slightly depressed anyway, so I needed the sleep. But when I awoke, the temperature was 33, and I regretted believing the weatherman. The morning was free, so after a few hours of work, I slipped out for a haircut, and then home to run. It as about 34 degrees. I wore my super hero tights, but forgot to put on my shorts. Upper body: cotton T-shirt, thermal long sleeve pullover, grey cotton long sleeve pullover, gloves, and cap. I wasn’t too hot, nor too cold. Once or twice the sun came out and I could feel the heat on my legs. That doesn’t happen when I run before sunrise. Pace 8:11, distance: only 1.4 miles. It was only my second run of the year, I’m hoping to get the habit going regardless of temperature.