Things that happened to me this week. I bought two live basil plants at a market across town for $1.99 each. The ground is still frozen so I was happy to get a head start on my favorite herb for the spring. I got them home and realized I had nothing to plant them in, so I cut two plastic bottles and planted them with some dirt from outside that was frozen between my fingers. After a few days I was happy to see the roots creeping through to the sides. I was also happy because I saw the same plants yesterday at my local market for $4.99.
I woke up today to find email announcing that a manuscript I worked on has been accepted to a famous academic journal. This collaboration started as an email I received while in Santa Margherita, Italy. It’s a great feeling to have a productive project come to fruition, and make it out into the world.
People protested “the body” exhibit at Union Station. Sometimes it’s hard to believe I live in a part of the country where people will come out to protest an exhibition of the human body.