Calzones for dinner

Axl was very happy having spent the day with his mom at Science City. During dinner he was very talkative, telling me all the details of various displays and activities in his 5 year old voice. I had a relatively quiet day at work, still stuck in my office in a deserted area while construction is going on. Made calzones for dinner tonight using the extra package of dough from Trader Joes. The dough is nice to work with because it’s not too sticky, which I guess means it simply isn’t over wet. However, I have to learn better ways of rolling it out. I try using both my hands and a wooden roller, but it can be tough like chewing gum. You roll it, getting it to stretch out, and it laughs at you and shrinks back to it’s original size. All the while it seems as if a thick lip is forming around the edge of the dough. It worked out pretty well nonetheless. I cut the pound of dough into three pieces, and after rolling one out I brushed the surface with olive oil, sprinkled a little salt, just like for pizza, and then made a strip of pizza sauce before layering cheese and pepperoni (for Axl), and added sauteed mushrooms and yellow peppers (for K and I), a little more cheese, a little grating of Parmesan, and then folding one side over and sealing with a pinch and pressing of a fork along the seal. I painted the surface with an egg wash, lifted it onto the pizza peel with cornmeal and slid it into a 450 degree oven for 10-12 minutes. They came out perfect golden brown and puffed up. For the marinara I mixed half pizza sauce half ragu. K likes Ragu, and I haven’t found a way to compete with the convenience.