Tastes like Rubber Hose

After work Kim and I rode our motorcycles to McCoy’s public house in Westport. So far we’ve only taken short rides around brookside, though last weekend we rode to breakfast at Mam Belle’s cafe. Tonight’s ride was on busier streets and through more traffic than before. I took her through the Plaza so she could cruise by Latte Land on her lovely blue Ninja and see the motorcycle crowd there, but I think she was too focused on riding to see them.
The weather was great for sitting out on the deck at McCoy’s, drinking beer, and eating dinner. Kim’s Dr Pepper tasted like a rubber hose because the waiter poured it from the outdoor bar hose that had been sitting unused for awhile, so he replaced it with a pour from the regular soda fountain. Wesport was moderately active for a summertime weekday evening. I was surprised to see that the house Stout had the lowest alcohol content in the 3% range whereas the IPA was more than 5%. I tried both.
Afterwards we walked to the Broadway cafe for espresso, and then rode the bikes home.

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